2.0 Videography

Whether your band wants something highly creative or a simple promotional tool, AWDIP 2.0 will provide a high quality music video that you will have fun making and watching over and over again!

AWDIP 2.0 has produced music videos for up-and-coming bands, enhancing their promotion to record labels as well as enhancing their profile and fan base.

Whether you are looking for a simple promotional tool or something highly creative, AWDIP 2.0 can create you a music video to impress.

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Equipment & Software

AWDIP 2.0 is fully equipped with the latest music video equipment.

We also use Adobe Premire, After Effects, and Sony Vegas 10 software that delivers subtle, stunning, and ideally invisible results in the edit suite. This makes HD footage look like film at a fraction of the cost. 

To discuss your  music video production needs further please contact AWDIP 2.0 for a very friendly and personal approach.




Past Videos




The World Premiere of "Asphyxiation".

Asphyxiation from Tyrell Anderson on Vimeo.



The World Premiere of "Postal Paranoia".

Sit back and prepare to laugh for an hour.

Postal Paranoia from Tyrell Anderson on Vimeo.

Creative Commons License
Postal Paranoia by Tyrell Anderson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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The Asphyxiation

Postal Paranoia