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    Mission Statement:  The Decay Devils’ main purpose is to travel to various locations within the United States and to other countries to document particular interests in terms of historical import, community impact and architecture. Our work will give photographers, explorers, public/private foundations, contributors and students of all ages, races and socioeconomic backgrounds a better understanding of the wider community and history of the world both domestically and internationally.

    The Decay Devils organization goes beyond observation and documentation; we take action! Although Gary, Indiana was first to inspire us to capture the forgotten beauty of structures, we won’t stop there.  Our organization wants very badly to help salvage what is left of historical buildings in urban neighborhoods and communities throughout the world.  We hope to bring a sense of pride and beauty back to these areas one step at a time by learning different ways to prevent further decay and loss of revenue from current declining structures.  The Decay Devils seek to explore and implement the ingenious ways other countries have used to preserve its historical ruins.  Our goal is to generate multiple revenue streams off their uses and seamlessly blend old relics with modern-day infrastructures.  

    The Decay Devils organization was formed by individuals located in the Chicago land/Northwest Indiana area and was established in 2011. The members consist of Tyrell Anderson (President), Angela Serrano (Vise President), Lori Gonzalez (Secretary), Andrea Ledbetter (Treasurer), Selena Gray (Sergeant-at-Arms) and Miki Lansdowne (Member).