I am a Northwest Indiana based photographer focused on producing photographs that capture and convey the range of human experiences. Using familiar symbols, eccentric locations and a variety of modeling talent, I create an artistic space wherein the viewer finds beauty in the unusual environments.

I started my photography with still photos, many showing nature reclaiming man-made structures. Inspired by the altered ego style of photography, I began to incorporate models in my work early. The use of models enhances my vision by allowing me to explore the contrast between the natural world and that of artifice.

I try to capture the slow struggle between the two worlds in my photography and invite the viewer to ponder the temporarily of created structures and even man himself.

 When not engrossed in scouting new locations for photo shoots, considering thought provoking arrangements of models and sets, or photographing, I enjoy spending time  working on upcoming films.I'm here to make art. I like to meet new people and take risk. If you are interested in working with me feel free to contact me at awdip2.0@gmail.com.  

I have been taking pictures for awhile and and shooting horror films for about 3 years. If you have any interest in film feel free to drop me a line.

CT Anderson